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The Malhamdale Carbon Watchers


About Us

Carbon Watchers has been formed out of Malhamdale Renewable Energy Group, part of Malhamdale Initiative, an action group formed in 2002 to promote a sustainable future for Malhamdale. A return to the sustainable lifestyle enjoyed by our ancestors who lived in these dales over 100 years ago is essential if we are to make living in the countryside an option for future generations. With our present day reliance on motor cars and electrical appliances, this would seem an impossible task. Our aim is to use technology to make efficient and effective use of the natural resources our ancestors relied on for their livelihood, reducing reliance on outside sources of energy to heat and lighten our homes. To have a chance of doing this we have first to eliminate the built-in waste which has come about as a result of reliance on cheap, polluting fossil fuels.

Carbon Watchers aims to provide a strategy to eliminate waste and make the most of the natural resources around us, while taking care to conserve the natural beauty and special qualities of the countryside.

A survey of local homes and businesses was carried out in 2007 by the Malhamdale Renewable Energy Group to establish current levels of energy use and attitudes to energy conservation. This was used as the basis of a study and report by CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology. The project was supported by funding from the Sustainable Development Fund of the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.




Results of the study are available in a report entitled Renewable Energy Study of the Malhamdale Area. The study presents an analysis of the survey results, a review of alternative sources of heating and power generation, and an overview of currently viable technologies with the potential to exploit these resources either by individual households or businesses or by community groups. It also looks at planning constraints within the National Park and considers how the technologies can be applied in a protected landscape. Based on this study Carbon Watchers is the first step in implementing a holistic energy strategy for the Dale.

We hope that this movement will provide the inspiration for a return to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, lifestyle in the countryside

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Solar panel in Malhamdale

If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 830690, e-mail Sandy