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The Malhamdale Carbon Watchers


The aim of Malhamdale Carbon Watchers is to cut down our consumption of fossil fuels to reduce the amount of money we are burning, and the resultant tonnes of CO2 being emitted into our atmosphere. In other words – to be more sustainable!

As a community group we aim to:

1. Make our homes more energy efficient

The Carbon Watchers Club will assess your “carbon footprint” for 2007 and set a CO2 reduction target for 2008 and subsequent years. Priority will be given to simple energy saving measures. Results will be monitored and reviewed at regular informal meetings, allowing interchange of ideas.

2. Install renewable energy

While looking at energy efficiency, we will identify those properties with potential for micro generation. This could take the form of solar panels to produce hot water from the sun, a wood fuel stove to heat your home with a carbon neutral fuel, or even a small water or wind turbine to generate electricity.

3. Develop community projects

All the time we are looking for Renewable Energy projects in which the whole community can be involved, either as participants in the development, as investors or simply as consumers. These are likely to take the form of district heating schemes using locally available biomass (wood) fuel, supplying groups of houses or whole villages with hot water for domestic heating. Alternatively it might be a small scale hydro project to harness the water flow through an old mill pond or even a wind turbine big enough to supply a small hamlet.

Carbon Watchers go through to the 2nd stage of the Big Green Challenge

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Carbon Watchers progress to 2nd round

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We have setup a brief survey, please complete to help us understand our current carbon footprint and the potential reduction we can achieve. Click Here to take survey

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If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 830690, e-mail Sandy