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Field Studies Council - Malham Tarn

Malham Tarn House, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Malham Tarn Field Centre has been helping students of ecology, heritage and landscape explore the environment since 1947. 

Visitors to the centre cover the whole age range from pre-school day visits to retired adults on leisure learning courses.

Sixth form geography, geology and biology are a major part of Centre work. KS4 courses are usually based on GCSE or GNVQ subjects. KS2 and KS3 environmental education weeks support ecology based, creative, mathematical and literacy work. Leisure Learning courses cover specialist and general interest topics.

Courses are lead by a specialist tutor from the Centre. Every course is tailored to the specific needs of the group.

Some leaders teach their own students using the centre facilities.; topics on these courses range from civil engineering to yoga and English revision.

We also offer day visits and outreach work.

Why come to Malham Tarn Field Centre?

Malham Tarn is an internationally recognised wetland habitat. The Field Centre is situated in the Craven limestone complex, a European designated Special Area for Conservation. It is also in the Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve, part of the Malham-Arncliffe SSSI.

We are a residential teaching centre with teaching space and beds for 85 visitors.

Malham Tarn Field Centre is one of 17 centres run by the Field Studies Council - the leading provider of environmental education in the country.

The centre has recognised Health & Safety systems, an excellent safety record and a dedicated team of experienced, specialist tutors.

Located in an inspiring setting, the centre is sufficiently rural to be away from distractions whilst still having access to a wide range of excellent urban, rural, upland and coastal field sites.





Key Stage 2, National Curriculum, Habitats, Landscapes, Science and Development Games, Environmental Discovery, Team Building

Key Stage 3, National Curriculum, Heritage, Geography, Science and Environmental Discovery, Team Building

Key Stage 4, National Curriculum, Human, Physical, Ecosystems, Rural Settlements, Coursework, Case Studies, Exam Knowledge, Investigative Skills and Team Building

Key Stage 5 - Biology, Ecological Techniques, Hydrosere, Freshwater Ecology, Woodland Ecology, Limestone Pavement, Conservation,

Key Stage 5 - Geography, Physical Topics - Limestone Landscapes, Glacial Features, Channel Processes, Infiltration, Urban Microclimates, Rural Microclimates, Ecosystems. Human Topics - Rural Settlements, Tourism & recreation, Flood Management, Urban Land Use, Urban Change, Urban Regeneration. Ecosystem Topics - Succession, Soils, Woodland Ecology, Pollution.

Whatever your needs we can create specific courses for your group

Malham Tarn, Yorkshire Dales

For further information on the work of the Field Centre, please visit our website contact us on 01729-830331 or e-mail

Malham Tarn Field Centre,
North Yorkshire,
BD24 9PU

Drystone Walls, Field System Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Drystone Walls and field systems, Malham, Yorkshire Dales.


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