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Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council Minutes of Meetings

Meeting Minutes & other related documents available to download and view below, please click on the green underlined link, these documents are in Adobe PDF format (see below).

Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of meetings will appear here once approved at a subsequent meeting of the Parish Council and uploaded to this webiste, Minutes are also displayed on Parish Noticeboards.

Financial Documents

KMPC Audit 2016

KMPC Annual Return 2016

KMPC Financial Summary December 2015

KMPC Financial Summary August 2015

KMPC Financial Summary February 2015

KMPC Financial Summary November 2009


KMPC Minute 264 January 2016

KMPC Minute 265 February 2016

KMPC Minute 266 March 2016

KMPC Minute 267 April 2016

KMPC Minute 268 May 2016

KMPC Minute 269 June 2016

KMPC Minute 270 July 2016

KMPC Minute 271 August 2016

KMPC Minute 272 September 2016


KMPC Minute 253 Feb 2015

KMPC Minute 254 March 2015

KMPC Minute 255 April 2015

KMPC Minute 257 June 2015

KMPC Minute 259 August 2015

KMPC Minute 260 Sept 2015

KMPC Minute 261 Oct 2015

KMPC Minute 262 November 2015

KMPC Minute 263 December 2015



KMPC Minutes December 2013

KMPC Minutes November 2013

KMPC Minutes October 2013

KMPC Minutes September 2013

KMPC Minutes August 2013

KMPC Minutes July 2013

KMPC Minutes June 2013

KMPC Chairmans Annual Report 2013

KMPC Minutes April 2013

KMPC Minutes March 2013

KMPC Minutes February 2013

KMPC Minutes January 2013


KMPC Minutes December 2012

KMPC Minutes November 2012

KMPC Minutes October 2012

KMPC Minutes September 2012

KMPC Minutes August 2012

KMPC Minutes July 2012

KMPC Minutes June 2012

KMPC Minutes May 2012

KMPC Minutes April 2012

KMPC Minutes March 2012

KMPC Minutes Feb 2012

KMPC Minutes Jan 2012


KMPC Minutes Dec 2011

KMPC Minutes Nov 2011

KMPC Minutes Oct 2011

KMPC Minutes Sept 2011

KMPC Minutes Aug 2011

KMPC Minutes July 2011

KMPC Minutes June 2011

KMPC Minutes May 2011

KMPC Minutes April 2011

KMPC Minutes Feb 2011


KMPC Minutes Dec 2010

KMPC Minutes July 2010

KMPC Minutes June 2010

KMPC Minutes May 2010

KMPC Minutes March 2010

KMPC Minutes February 2010

Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council AGM Minutes

KMPC AGM Minutes 2010

Malhamdale Initiative (LAFSC) Lengthsman and Facilities Sub Committee

LAFSC November 2009 Report

KMPC Financial Summary November 2009

The above documents are available to download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, you can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader here

Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council (KMPC) is a combined Council incorporating the Parishes of Malham, Malham Moor, Kirkby Malham and Hanlith. Kirkby Malhamdale is a small but vibrant rural community in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The dale is set in spectacular limestone scenery and is a popular tourism centre.

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