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Malhamdale Lengthsman Project

The Lengthsman and Facilities Sub Committee (LAFSC) part of Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council (KMPC)


Malhamdale is a small but vibrant rural community in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The dale is set in spectacular limestone scenery and is a popular tourism centre.


In April 2006 Craven District Council decided to close the very run down and badly maintained Public Conveniences (Toilets) in the centre of Malham village. Kirkby Malham Parish Council and Malhamdale Initiative opposed this decision and in order to provide this facility for the future have agreed to take over the control and ongoing maintenance of the Toilet's.

Ladies before photo 2007, Public Toilets, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Link to Newspaper Article about the Toilet closure


A Part time Lengthsman is now employed by the Parish Council to complete a range of jobs including, Grass Cutting, Bench, Fence and Wall maintenance, Toilet cleaning and maintenance.


A variety if innovative funding sources have been identified and implemented to fund this project including:-

  • Honesty Boxes.
  • Milk Kits for donations.
  • Advertising Noticeboard
  • Grants
  • Malhamdale Initiative Action Group, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

    Clean Toilets !!

    Kirkby Malhamdale Parish Council in partnership with Malhamdale Initiative, has set up a "Lengthsman" project which started in 2007 and so far has been responsible for maintaining the village green and other Parish Council owned open spaces in Malham village. The project, which has so far achieved a significant improvement in the appearance and general tidiness of the village centre, is run by a sub-committee of the Parish Council called the Lengthsman and Facilities Sub-committee, or LAFSC. The Lengthsman has now also taken over maintenance of Malham's public conveniences as well as regular daily clearing of the litter bins in the centre of the village. We have been awarded a £1,000 grant from Craven District Council towards refurbishment of the toilets and £1,100 from North Yorkshire County Council towards plant and equipment for the project. Apart from these 2 grants, all of the ongoing maintenance work is funded by proceeds from "honesty boxes" set up on the toilets and around the village and the addition of a Traditional Oak Notice board on the front of the building for wish we make an annual charge to advertisers. The Toilets have now been spring cleaned, rewired, repaired and painted and are being cleaned daily using local labour as opposed to the previous cleaner driving up every day from Skipton (20 mile roundtrip), thereby a much greener option… Other green options are being considered to reduce the environmental impact of these well used facilities.

    Malhamdale Initiative Action Group, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

    Background information on the formation of the Malhamdale Initiative and other sub groups and projects.

    If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Chair of LAFSC: Neil Heseltine, Tel. 830320, e-mail LAFSC

    Want to contribute? e-mail us.

    Malhamdale Initiative Action Group, Malham, Yorkshire Dales


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