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Dales Living Landscape - Malham Access Heritage Strategy

In 2001 the YDMT started work on a three year programme called Dales Living Landscape and are now well on track to complete this in March 2004. Funded with a 1.5m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and with similar additional match funding secured as on the EnviroNet project, the programme has implemented projects that conserve the natural and built heritage of the Dales.

Over the three years the YDMT expect to complete something like 141 projects with a project value of 3m

One project that was jointly funded in 2002/03 by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the National Park Authority was the Malham Access Heritage Strategy which amongst other things identified a range of projects and themes that could be developed in the Malhamdale area. In 2003/04 this strategy was taken forward when 9 projects were identified as ones eligible to receive Heritage Lottery Funding through the Millennium Trust. With funding also secured from the National Park Authority, the National Trust and the Youth Hostel Association these projects are well on their way to completion by the end of March 2004.




The nine projects are:

  • www.malhamdale.com website,

  • Malham Youth Hostel Pinfold,

  • Atkinson Copse, Malham,

  • Malham Village Green,

  • Interpretation Panels for the National Trust,

  • Malham Moor Self-guided Walks Leaflet,

  • Malham Village Historical Trail Leaflet,

  • Postcard of Malham - CD Rom, and

  • Educational CD Rom Pack on Malhamdale.

  • For further information on the work of the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, or to make a donation to support the work of the Trust please visit the YDMT website or contact Isobel Hall on 015242-51002 or by e-mail


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