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Life's Images - Matt Jackson 

Malham Show Photos now available to preview on Matt's main website here www.lifes-images.co.uk

Limestone Pavement above Malham, Yorkshire Dales by Matt Jackson Life's Images

Life's Images - Matt Jackson Local photographer Matt Jackson, based at the Yorkshire Dales Trekking Centre has recently turned full time, and is using Malham as the perfect base to inspire his work. The combination of fantastic scenery, wildlife and variable weather makes each day in Malhamdale unique and never boring for a photographer.

Back Lane, Malham, Yorkshire Dales, sepai, Gate, Sheep and lane by Matt Jackson Life's Images

Since an early age I had a fascination about photography, but it was only at the turn of the millennium that I got the bug! Digital cameras came onto the scene producing the results I expected from high end film cameras. Money was splashed out, my computer started overflowing with photos, there was no looking back for me now!

Gordale Scar, Malham, Yorkshire Dales, waterfall, time delay, by Matt Jackson Life's Images

My 1st contracted job came in horse racing. Northern Racing asked me to take photos of the racing and around and about the track. It’s still going strong and I can still be found at Sedgefield and Newcastle Racecourse.

Janet's Foss waterfall, Malham, Yorkshire Dales by Matt Jackson Life's Images

Since leaving the pub trade in summer ’07 I decided to become a photographer full time and enjoy the experience of finding that great shot!

Limestone drystone walls and Field system, sepia, Malham, Yorkshire Dales by Matt Jackson Life's Images

Matt can be contracted for all kinds of photography, more examples of his work can be found at www.lifes-images.co.uk

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