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Malhamdale Message Boards

CLICK HERE to access the Malhamdale message boards.

You will be required to register from which you will then receive an email link to activate your account. Registration takes all of 60 seconds. You must be over 13 to register. Use of the message board is completely free of charge. We invite you to be humourous, informative, and polite. Any naughtiness will not be tolerated!

You must be a registered member and must login to post or reply to messages. Links are at the top right of all message forum pages.

The Malhamdale message boards are split into Categories: General, , Malhamdale Initiative. Local Food, Eating Out. Each category has a number of boards within them, for example boards within the 'General' category include Walking, Walking and Climbing Gear, Malham Show, Malham Safari. Within each board are the different topics/discussion that members start - these are known as threads.

To begin a new thread, first click on the relevant board in which your topic belongs, then click the 'new thread' link to the top right of the forum. Enter a relevant subject title then proceed to your message. You can change the font size, colours etc as you please, even add images, smileys and links by using the buttons in the 'add tags' section.

When done, simply click Post Message (or preview first if desired)

You can edit your message any time even after it has been posted by clicking the modify link at the top right of your message

To reply to a post in an already established thread, simply open the thread and click the reply link at the top right of the section.

Clicking the quote link at the top of another members post allows you to include their message in your post as well.

You can delete one of your own messages at any time you are logged in. You cannot delete or modify another members message.

Any problems or comments please email the webmaster. Use the boards wisely, have fun - and remember - all posts are moderated!


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email chris@malhamdale.com if you would like to suggest new message board topics and ideas for further use


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