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The Malhamdale Initiative


Local Action Group formed to improve the area


Malhamdale is a small but vibrant rural community in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The dale is set in spectacular limestone scenery and is a popular tourism centre. Hill farming, the traditional industry, is in decline and suffered seriously during the 2001 foot & mouth outbreak. Tourism also suffered with no business for a whole year.

In November 2002 Kirkby Malham Parish Hall hosted a meeting of 60 Malhamdale residents, determined to improve their future living and working conditions. Malhamdale Initiative was formed to try and find ways of making life in the dale more sustainable.

Project groups were formed to ensure that these ideas were acted upon and to explore what support and funding opportunities might be available to assist in Malhamdale’s regeneration.

With a grant from the countryside agency under their Vital Villages scheme, Malhamdale Initiative carried out a survey of residents’ views. With a response of 50% of the population of the Dale, an analysis identified the views and aspirations of the community. The Malhamdale Plan was drafted and circulated to every household in the Dale and following a public meeting in December 2004 it was adopted by the community. An Action Plan recommends measures to achieve a thriving, sustainable community supported by a robust local economy.

Broadband in Malhamdale??

Now available via BT in the Dale or Satellite on Malham Moor, Check out our broadband page for more details....

Malhamdale Arts and Crafts Centre.

Now open in The Farm shop at Town End Farm, Airton. We have an excellent selection of locally produced arts and crafts on sale including cards, photographs, glasswork and other items by local people. Call in and enjoy Chris and Jane's hospitality while you browse.

Malhamdale Tourism Brochure

This is a fully inclusive "one stop" brochure combining facilities and attractions in the Dale with accommodation providers so that potential visitors can see a summary of what Malhamdale has to offer. It includes a comprehensive map of local walks. The brochure is aimed at promoting Malhamdale to long stay visitors.

Malhamdale Lengthsman Project LAFSC

This is a self funding Lengthsman and Toilet Maintenance project that started in order to keep Malham Toilets open after closure by Craven District Council, for more information see the Lengthsman page here.




Malham Cove. View south from limestone pavements, Malham

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Sports facilities, arts festivals, broadband, new uses for existing buildings, inward investment, transport infrastructure, value added tourism and collaborative enterprise are all on the agenda. If you have ideas that will bring wealth and prosperity to Malhamdale, please let us know or, better still, join one of the groups. Energy and skill invested now will pay great dividends in the years to come. Malhamdale is going to be very much on the map and an even better place to live, work and visit.

Malhamdale, being part of the Settle and District Community Investment Prospectus, initiatives through Settle and District Chamber of Trade, is well placed to receive significant financial help - especially if we are seen to be enterprising. The funding comes under many headings - principally Objective 2 and ERDF. This means that people bringing business into the area are eligible for financial help.

“Traffic has altered the nature of things, e.g. walking to school, riding horse or pony, driving (horse or pony) safely, driving animals on roads safely, etc. One wouldn’t want to put the clock back, but most people come to walk, wander and get away from rush. Isn’t that the sort of tourist we should cater for and leave those who look for more sophistication to go elsewhere?”

Quotation from a resident of Kirkby Malham.

“The character of the dale is precious and fragile. Once destroyed it will be gone forever. Therefore NO to wider roads, easier (faster) access. YES to slowing down traffic YES to park and ride scheme, YES to rebuilding walls, NO to 4 x 4 on green lanes and motorcycles on bridleways/footpaths BUT safer roads must be a priority.”.

Quotation from a resident of Scosthrop parish.

If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 830690, e-mail Sandy