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The Malhamdale Initiative

Local Action Group formed to improve the area


Malhamdale is a small but vibrant rural community in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The dale is set in spectacular limestone scenery and is a popular tourism centre. Hill farming, the traditional industry, is in decline and suffered seriously during the 2001 foot & mouth outbreak. Tourism also suffered with no business for a whole year. In November 2002 Kirkby Malham Parish Hall hosted a meeting of 60 Malhamdale residents, determined to improve their future living and working conditions. Malhamdale Initiative was formed to try and find ways of making life in the dale more sustainable. Project groups were formed to ensure that these ideas were acted upon and to explore what support and funding opportunities might be available to assist in Malhamdale’s regeneration.

With a grant from the countryside agency under their Vital Villages scheme, Malhamdale Initiative carried out a survey of residents’ views. With a response of 50% of the population of the Dale, an analysis identified the views and aspirations of the community. The Malhamdale Plan was drafted and circulated to every household in the Dale and following a public meeting in December 2004 it was adopted by the community. An Action Plan recommends measures to achieve a thriving, sustainable community supported by a robust local economy.

  • Recreation – covering village halls, sports fields, children’s play areas, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Business – including farming and tourism interests
  • Housing – investigating possibilities for the provision of affordable housing in the Dale
  • Access – focusing on public transport, visitors’ and residents’ parking, as well as joint car usage and footpaths and cycle-ways
  • Renewable Energy – developing an energy strategy for the dale
  • Malhamdale Draft Action Plan – Parish Plan draft action plan
  • For the latest developments on each of the Action Groups click on the Group you wish to view :-

    Malhamdale Parish Plan Meeting, Malham Village Hall

    The Plan has since been adopted by the Parish Council and is being reviewed by the eight Parish Meetings, before recommendations can be implemented by a number of action groups.

    Background information on the formation of the Malhamdale Initiative.

    If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 830690, e-mail Sandy

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