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Malhamdale Initiative



Malhamdale is a small but vibrant rural community in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The dale is set in spectacular limestone scenery and is a popular tourism centre.

In November 2002 Kirkby Malham Parish Hall hosted a meeting of 60 Malhamdale residents, determined to improve their future living and working conditions. Malhamdale Initiative was formed to try and find ways of making life in the dale more sustainable.

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If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 01729 830690, or e-mail Sandy




Malham Cove. View south from limestone pavements, Malham

Future Energy Fair

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Renewable Energy Group

Carbon Watchers

Lengthsman & Toilets Project LAFSC


Malhamdale Arts and Crafts Centre

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Malhamdale Parish Action Plan

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