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Malham Safari trail Community Workshop's 

Malham Safari Trail Community Art & Creative Workshops, These workshops support the charitable Malhamdale Safari Project where local's get together to create safari animals, dinosaurs and even Dalek's and Tardises!

Next workshop Sunday 13th March 2011, from 1.30pm at Kirkby Malham School - All Welcome

Malham Safari Trail, Fred Flinstone, Workshop Painting, Yorkshire Dales

Part of the collection of animals either during creation or being touched up from previous year's exploits...

Malham Safari Trail, animal repair sponsor and look after an animal, Workshop Painting, Yorkshire Dales

If you or your group, school, scout group, guides, brownies, beavers, art club, etc. would like to get involved and help make items for the Safari please get in touch

Malham Safari Trail, giant painted fish, Workshop Painting, Yorkshire Dales

Great fun creating your animal that will ultimatley be on display for the full week of the Safari in May June every year

Malham Safari Trail, AnnabellaSaurus, Work in progress, Yorkshire Dales

A naked annabellasaurus before painting

Malham Safari Trail, work in progress, paper nache, Workshop Painting, Yorkshire Dales

Paper mache lion, eventually it will look like Diego out of the Film Ice Age

Malham Safari Trail, stegosaurus, Workshop Painting, Yorkshire Dales

How do we make this look like that Stegosaurus?

Malham Safari Trail, Freds Car Before, unpainted fred in background, Workshop building, Yorkshire Dales

Fred Flinstone car and Fred in background before make up !

Malham Safari Trail, 2007 Evolution from Dinosaurs to Dalek's, Matt Jackson, Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Maybe your creative talent could be used without getting your hands dirty like this example generated at home on the computer?


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