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The Malhamdale Carbon Watchers


Ways to save energy ...

in the home Ė doís and doníts

  • Do use low energy rated appliances
  • Do full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Do use economy cycles
  • Do laundry on a cold wash
  • Do switch off when not in use, including chargers
  • Do put lids on pans
  • Do switch off electric kettle when it starts to boil
  • Do defrost fridge and freezer regularly
  • Do check oven and fridge door seals for leaks
  • Donít use standby
  • Donít boil more water than you need
  • Donít preheat the oven unless necessary
  • Donít leave fridge and freezer doors open
  • Donít use the tumble dryer, dry clothes outside
  • heating and lighting Ė doís and a donít

  • Do use CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs
  • Do switch off lights in empty rooms
  • Do look into a green energy tariff
  • Do turn off pilot lights when not in use
  • Do close blinds, curtains and shutters at night
  • Do fit draught excluders, seals and insulation
  • Donít set temperatures higher than necessary
  • water Ė doís and doníts

  • Do take 5 minute showers instead of baths
  • Do install an energy saver shower head
  • Do wrap your water heater in a good jacket
  • Do capture rainwater for the garden
  • Donít run taps needlessly



    driving out and about Ė doís and doníts

  • Do drive 20% less miles per week
  • Do consider changing to a more economical car
  • Do car pool, share, plan trips carefully to combine tasks
  • Do walk or use a bike for shorter journeys
  • Do drive smoothly
  • Do check tyre pressures and service regularly
  • Donít carry excess weight
  • Donít speed
  • Donít leave the engine idling
  • Donít accelerate and brake heavily
  • shopping Ė doís and a donít

  • Do buy local produce
  • Do buy products from sustainable sources
  • Do buy recycled paper products
  • Do avoid excess packaging
  • Do use your own shopping bags instead of plastic
  • Do recycle as much as possible
  • Do take unwanted items to charity shops
  • Donít overstock on food
  • About Malhamdale Carbon Watchers

    How to get involved

    About Malhamdale Initiative

    Solar panel in Malhamdale

    If you are interested and want to get involved please contact the Group Coordinator: Sandy Tod, Tel. 830690, e-mail Sandy